Glaciers, lakes and waterfalls! Hiking the Iceline Trail and ratatouille at Takkakaw Falls

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Glaciers, lakes and waterfalls! Hiking the Iceline Trail and ratatouille at Takkakaw Falls


In Yoho National Park, BC, there is a hike that has it all. The Iceline Trail is a switch-back climb to glaciers, water features spreading across glacier scraped rocks, lakes and views of Takkakaw Falls, Canada’s highest waterfall, pouring off the Daly Glacier. We hiked the Iceline last weekend, on a spectacular blue sky fall day. We’ll repeat this fantastic getaway next summer, on August 23-25, 2013. It will be a lodge based catered getaway! Great hikes and great food. Hard to beat that.



So, back to our recent adventure. We arrived at Takkakaw Falls campground the evening before the hike and set up camp. The campground is a walk-in camping area and carts are provided at the parking area so that you can wheel your supplies in.  Our kids LOVE camping!  What kid wouldn’t love a campfire, a swiss army knife for carving marshmallow roasting sticks and getting good and dirty in the fresh mountain air and ending the day with sleeping in a tent.



Cool weather camping tip: The temperatures last weekend reached high 20’s in the daytime and then dropped below freezing at night so we had to bring extra sleeping bags to put on top of our Thermarest sleeping pad to stop the cold from the ground from reaching us. We also need more covers throughout the night as the condensation from our warm bodies and breathing froze on top of our down-filled sleeping bags. Wet or damp down is not as warm as dry down. Be sure to shake off the frost before it melts or, if the bag is already damp on top, put it out in the daytime sun to dry off.


We met up with some Club Fit Frog hikers and headed up the Iceline Trail early on Saturday morning. We climbed well above Takkakaw Falls and enjoyed sunshine the entire day. My kids are 10 and 8 years and are used to hiking for many hours at a time. One question I often get from friends is “how the heck do we get our kids to hike for 6 hours without whining?”

Don’t focus on the destination! We are not destination focussed hiking family. It turns out that kids are much better at enjoying the journey and are not so caught up in the goal, the end point, the destination. So change your approach to hiking and make it fun. Explore more. Check out the rocks, scrambling through creeks and over boulders. Carry lots of tasty snacks, treats that only come out on the hiking trail, and encourage kids to eat and drink. Food keeps them full of energy! And talk lots as you walk. Discuss things, enjoy being together, sing songs.

After a great day on the trail we headed to the campground to start preparing dinner. Ahh, a cold beer! Our chicken was marinating and we needed to chop veggies for ratatouille. New potatoes from our little backyard garden finished the meal (okay, chocolate brownies was the ultimate finish).

The campfire was stoked and dinner was soon on the grill. The kids worked on carving sticks and we enjoyed a cold drink in the sun. After dinner, we went for a walk to get closer to Takkakaw Falls and throw rocks in the river. The sun was setting, the temperature dropped and so we moved in closer to the fire. Soon the sky was full of stars. Another fun, active outdoor weekend. Join us next August as we explore the area once again!