Rockies Day Hikes, Snowshoe & XC Ski


IMG_6700Throughout the spring, summer and fall Club Fit Frog coordinates hikes north, south, east and west of Calgary. These hikes are categorized as mountain hikes in the calendar of hikes. Along with a hike organizer  you’ll explore grasslands and badlands, foothills and mountain meadows, Rocky Mountain ridge-tops and peaks.

If you have never tried hiking or you are just starting an active lifestyle than try one of our Urban Adventure Walks, 3 ish hour hikes that are in Calgary or within a 30 minute drive from Calgary. Our Rockies Mostly Flat (MF) hikes are 3-5 hours treks with minimal elevation.


All Level (AL) hikes; up to 4 hours of trail time let you experience the exhilaration of a mountain meadow or fossil-filled badlands without the fear of exhaustion. Or join our Moderate (MOD) hikes take you to lakes, ridge tops and panoramic viewpoints. These 4-6 hour hikes follow well-laid trail as well as some trails with tree roots and rocks. Intermediate (INT) hikes have up to 800 metres elevation gain. Some short hikes have been classified intermediate because of the steep grade of the trail. They follow creek-beds and canyons, grassy ridges and scree-slopes.  Advanced (ADV) hikes will have all that the intermediate hikes have but they cover more ground. Be prepared for up to 1000 metres of elevation and 8-10 hours of hiking over varied terrain.


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IMG_0145Throughout the winter Club Fit Frog coordinates snowshoe treks, cross-country ski days and multi-day-lodge trips. Snowshoeing is as easy as walking but much more fun. You burn off the winter blahs as you follow a well-laid trail or break your own in the endless powder-fresh snow. Snowshoeing is an activity that is accessible to everyone. It takes no technical ability and with Fit Frog you can pace for pleasure as you pounce through powder or relax and enjoy as you follow the beaten track. You learn how to get up and down hills, to pace for endurance and enjoyment, and how to choose safe trails that suit your fitness level.  You can choose outings that suit your fitness level by checking the level of difficulty listed beside each outing. Our cross-country ski outings are for those who know how to ski, who are comfortable going up and down hills and skiing in track set, and just want to get out there with a group and enjoy 3-5 hours of skiing.

Check out the hourly weather and snow depth in the Spray Lakes, Kananaskis (snowshoe location most of the time)


Snowshoeing: local information and facts    Snowshoe and ski rental     What to bring on snowshoe and ski days   Events Calendar


Kids and Dogs


Kids who can walk at an adult pace (about 5 km per hour) or are being carried in a front or back carrier are welcome to join with a parent/adult for free. Strollers may work on some city walks, but not on mountain outings. Please check with Lori.


Dogs can join us on city walks if they a good on leash. All walks are on-leash and travel along sidewalks, stairs, and narrow pathways. Please be aware that some of the people who walk with us are afraid of dogs. We do not allow dogs on our mountain hikes, snowshoe or ski days.