Walk 150 Bowness and Bowmont Park – Arabic feature language!

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Bowmont Park WAlk 150


Walk 150: Walking Builds Communities

(Check out and overview of the Walk 150 initiative)

It was a wonderful Walk 150 walk starting from the Bowness Library on May 13, 2017. Check it out on our Facebook page. This walk was part of my partnership with Calgary Public Library and The Centre for Newcomers and the walks feature language was Arabic. We welcomed people from all over, from the SW of Calgary to Syria, to explore the backstreets of Bowness and the wetlands, single track trails, viewpoints and the boardwalk trail to waterfall valley in Bowmont Park. You can find 2 Bowmont Park route maps in my book Calgary’s Best Walks!

And when you go, be sure to add on a visit to the Silver Springs Botanical Gardens to see their Canada 150 tulip display. It is an easy walk from Waterfall Valley. (https://www.facebook.com/Silverspringsbotanicalgardens/)

The feature language is Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines. Details on the calendar page– no registration necessary for this Walk 150 walk.