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Walking and Hiking Calgary and the Alberta Rockies, that’s what Fit Frog is all about. Since 1997, Lori Beattie, owner of Fit Frog and author of Calgary’s Best Walks,  has been organizing and guiding city walks and mountain hikes, snowshoe days and ski outings, writing about walking, and sharing her favourite walks on CTV Morning or Breakfast TV. Lori created the multi-lingual Walk 150! for Canada’ 150th anniversary in partnership with Calgary Library and Centre for Newcomers. She presents to groups on the pleasure of taking a walk, getting to know your neighbours, building communities through walking and making Calgary feel like home, one step at a time. Some might call it a walking addiction, a pedestrian passion. Lori (and her dog) would agree. She is the best-selling author of Calgary’s Best Walks, Calgary’s Best Hikes and Walks and Calgary’s Best Bike Rides and Trails. Lori leads all the adventures for Club Fit Frog. Checks the events page and join her!

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