WALK 150

In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, Lori Beattie, owner of Fit Frog and author of Calgary’s Best Walks, created the multilingual WALK 150 in partnership with the Calgary Public Library and Centre for Newcomers. She donated 1500 copies of her book, Calgary’s Best Walks, to local charities and worked with many of them to build a walking initiative into their programming.

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Walk 150- the experience

Young and old, all backgrounds, newcomers and old-timers from all walks of life- chatting, walking and connecting on free guided urban walks. What you cannot hear from the photos are the conversations that were had. Connections were made, to the city and to fellow walkers, eyes were opened to new places, new perspectives and the good feeling everyone had after moving their bodies in the great outdoors, along pathways, sidewalks and nature trails.  The simple walk is perfect and pleasurable.”  Lori Beattie