Fit Frog is the publisher of the best-selling Calgary’s Best Walks. Lori, the owner of Fit Frog, is the author and owner of Fit Frog. She has helped writers get their books to print, from an idea to bookstore placement. (yeah, there are many steps in between!) Connect with Lori for an initial chat about self-publishing and all that it entails. If you are keen to learn more, then Lori can help you along the way to success!

Self-publishing – The business of writing

  • Creating your content and building your team to create a professional product that gets bookstore placement. All the details of book creations from barcodes to ISBN’s to pricing your book.
  • Printing your books, getting quotes, deciding on quantity, storage and shipping and all the details from paperweight to book size.
  • Distributing your book and what it takes to get a self-published book into the stores, from small shops to Indigo.
  • Marketing: From Instagram partnerships to creating content for TV, how to tell people your book exists.

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